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Jazz Band – The Lettermen

The Lettermen first hit the charts in 1961 with the soft, melodic and romantic ballad, “The Way You Look Tonight”. Their close, tight, three-way vocal harmonies blended as one.

They have gone on to tour the world and their love songs are heard everywhere. Their music still resonates and is popular at wedding receptions.

The Story

The lettermen were a close-harmony vocal jazz group consisting of Tony Butala, Jim Pike and Bob Engemann. They were formed in 1960 in Los Angeles, California.

They have had 32 consecutive Billboard Hot 200 charted albums, 11 gold records, five Grammy nominations, an Andy Award and a Cleo Award.

Their music is based on prismatic vocal arrangements that have lasted through several generations and are still fresh today. Their harmonious style has spawned many cover versions and is still very popular with audiences today.

Butala’s vision is still guiding them, as he was the one who came up with the name and has remained their primary lyricist.

They have been performing live concerts for over 46 years, performing over 100 shows a year. They have had unbroken strings of sold out shows, and their music remains popular to this day. They have even performed in foreign countries and have eighteen gold records internationally.

The Members

The lettermen’s distinctive sound is close-harmony pop songs with light arrangements. Their best known singles include the #1 Adult Contemporary hit “When I Fall in Love,” and the top-rated “The Way You Look Tonight.”

The group’s singers have included Tony Butala, Jim Pike, Bobby Engemann, Donny Pike and Gary Pike. They were a vocal group that toured constantly during the 1960s, performing at college campuses and other venues around the world.

Butala is the only surviving original member of the group, and he continues to tour. The lettermen are one of the most popular groups in history, with two top-ten singles, sixteen Top 10 Adult Contemporary singles and 32 consecutive Billboard Hot 200 charted albums.

The lettermen’s career spanned more than five decades and they have a wealth of gold records. They have also received many accolades, including being voted the “Greatest Romantic Vocal Group of All Time” by Billboard Magazine. They are a founding member of the Vocal Group Hall of Fame and have been inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Music

The Lettermen are known for their 1961 hit single, “The Way You Look Tonight.” But they’ve also had 18 gold albums and a number of top singles throughout the years.

Originally founded in 1959, the group is known for its close-harmony pop songs with light arrangements that have stood the test of time. Their music has been featured in many movies and television shows, including the Final Destination 3 soundtrack and the The Simpsons soundtrack.

The Lettermen are currently made up of Tony Butala, Donovan Tea and Bobby Poynton. They’ll be performing at the Bankhead Theater in downtown Livermore on Friday, October 14. The trio is hoping to get the crowd going with their energetic renditions of old and new love songs.

The Style

The Lettermen’s trademark style is close-harmony pop songs with light arrangements. Originally popular with adult listeners during the 1960s, The Lettermen’s music still retains a strong following of fans today.

The group’s first single, “The Way You Look Tonight,” was a soft, slow ballad that defied the rock ‘n’ roll sound of the day. It hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and eventually became a staple of radio station play lists nationwide.

In 1962, the group signed with Capitol Records and released “When I Fall in Love,” which also shot to the top of the Billboard charts. This soft, romantic song surpassed The Lettermen’s other successful hits and established them as the most romantic singing group of their generation.

Over the years, the group has gone through a few personnel changes. Currently, the group is comprised of Tony Butala, Donovan Tea and Bobby Poynton.


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