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Review of the Game Subnautica Below Zero

Among the many games that have been created since the release of the first Xbox console, one of the most popular is Subnautica. Its a game that has both the realistic aspects and the violent elements. There are also biomes and vehicles to choose from. It is a great game for anyone who wants to have fun, as well as get a little serious about their gaming experience.


Developed by San Francisco based Unknown Worlds, Below Zero is the sequel to Subnautica, an underwater action adventure game. Below Zero takes the original Subnautica and modifies the storyline, retcons the gameplay, and introduces new features. It’s also one of the most satisfying survival games on the eShop.

Below Zero is a tech demo for some of the new features the developer has implemented into Subnautica. This includes a more robust weather system and a revamped user interface. While many of the weather effects are simply to create a more dynamic atmosphere, some of them do impact survival mechanics.

The new weather system is particularly impressive. It’s a good idea to have a blueprint handy, as it will help you avoid dangerous weather conditions. Having a blizzard paired with fog will make visibility poor, while heavy winter storms will lower temperature and reduce visibility.

The Scanner is a good tool, as it will help you learn about the native flora and fauna. It’s also a good idea to have a few nutrient blocks at your disposal, as it’s easy to get too hungry.


Besides a new map, Subnautica below zero features new biomes and animals. The environments are designed for spectacle, but they lack depth. A large number of the biomes are underwater, which can be dangerous. They are also filled with resources and are often a maze for inexperienced players.

Below Zero also has a few new vehicles. These include the Seatruck, which is a modular submarine that can be detached from the front submersible. The Seatruck can be used as a scout vehicle, as well as a mobile base. In addition, it can carry a Prawn Suit.

The second new vehicle is the Snowfox. This vehicle is used to speed through tundra, as well as to avoid aggressive land animals. It can be towed behind the front submersible. In limited context, it is a useful tool, but in Subnautica: Below Zero it is the least interesting of the three vehicles.

The game also has a new temperature gauge. While it is not as exciting as the Subnautica story, it is important to note that it helps to explain events.


Getting around Subnautica: Below Zero can be a pain, as you have to go through an extensive process to get your hands on the various parts and upgrades that are necessary to build your own vehicles. Luckily, there are several different vehicles available to you in this game. These can help you get through the ice and snow, while also providing a boost to your speed.

The first new vehicle introduced in Subnautica Below Zero is the prawn suit. This walking robot will allow you to explore areas of the ocean that would otherwise be unfeasible. This is great for players looking to explore deep sea areas with very low temperatures. The prawn suit also has useful combat capabilities.

Another new vehicle is the Snow Fox. This nifty little vehicle will let you dash through icy terrain, but it does not come with nearly as many perks as some of the other vehicles.


Unlike other games in the Subnautica series, Below Zero has no graphic violence. Instead, it emphasizes a story of exploration and discovery. You’ll be able to use weapons, but you’ll have to be careful when killing animals and wildlife. You can kill them in a number of ways, such as drowning, jumping, and hypothermia. It’s also possible to find magic and occult objects. However, there are some light swearing moments.

Below Zero takes place on 4546B, a planet in the Arctic. The planet is full of new raw materials, and there’s a lot of colour to the environment. The game’s protagonist, Robin Ayou, has reason to believe that her sister Sam was alive when she died in an accident. He tries to find her by searching the Arctic area.

The story in Below Zero isn’t as compelling as the one in Subnautica. Although there are plenty of events, the mystery isn’t quite as interesting. It’s also a bit lacking in the sense that there’s no corpses to discover.


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