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Shiftselect at UPMC Revolutionizing Staff Scheduling for Optimal Patient Care

Shiftselect at UPMC is essential for providing the best possible patient care in the fast-paced and demanding world of healthcare. One of the top healthcare systems in the world, UPMC, has adopted Shiftselect, an innovative technology made to simplify workforce management, since it understands the value of smooth scheduling. We will go into the world of UPMC and see how Shiftselect has changed staff scheduling, assuring high-quality patient care.

Shiftselect at UPMC

Understanding UPMC and Its Services

Describe UPMC.

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, there is the renowned nonprofit University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). UPMC has a long history that spans several decades. It has developed into a top-notch academic medical center that offers a wide range of cutting-edge medical services.

The services UPMC provides

Primary care and specialist therapies in a variety of medical specialties are just a few of the services that UPMC provides. They serve millions of patients annually through their extensive network of hospitals, clinics, outpatient facilities, and physician practices.

The Shiftselect System

a description of Shiftselect

Shiftselect is a complex and user-friendly software program made to enhance labor management and employee scheduling. Organizations like UPMC can rapidly build well-organized schedules thanks to this web-based application.

Advantages of Shiftselect at UPMC

Shiftselect at UPMC has been implemented, and both the personnel and the hospital system as a whole have greatly benefited from it. Among the main advantages are:

Enhanced Staff Efficiency: The sophisticated algorithms used by Shiftselect guarantee that the proper staff members are assigned to the right shifts, maximizing their training and experience.

Improved Communication: The platform provides real-time updates and notifications, allowing workers and management to communicate with one another without interruption.

Decreased labor costs: Shiftselect at UPMC has saved a significant amount of money by reducing overtime and optimizing staffing.

How Shiftselect Works

Friendly User Interface

Staff members at UPMC can easily view their calendars, request shift changes, and effectively manage their availability thanks to Shiftselect’s user-friendly interface.

Flow-through Scheduling Procedure

Because of the improved scheduling procedure, administrators can now construct rosters that are well-balanced while taking things like staff preferences and availability into account.

Real-time notifications and updates

The real-time updates and notifications provided by Shiftselect have completely changed how UPMC interacts with its personnel. This makes sure that everyone is informed and capable of quickly adjusting to any changes.

The Impact of Shiftselect on UPMC Staff

Enhanced Worker Satisfaction

Using Shiftselect, UPMC’s personnel have more flexible and predictable schedules, which results in happier employees.

More effective work-life balance

Shiftselect offers a better work-life balance for UPMC personnel by taking employee preferences into consideration, lowering stress and burnout.

Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

The improved scheduling procedure guarantees that UPMC has the appropriate staff on hand at the appropriate moment, increasing productivity and efficiency in patient care.

Leveraging Shiftselect for Optimal Patient Care

Staff Allocation Streamlined

UPMC has been able to assign people efficiently thanks to shiftselect, making sure that each department has the right number of qualified personnel.

Ensure the Right Skill Blend

Shiftselect makes sure that UPMC always maintains the ideal skill mix needed for varied patient scenarios by examining staff skills and certifications.

Reduce Staff Burnout and Overtime

The intelligent scheduling of Shiftselect has reduced overtime, avoided worker burnout, and encouraged a healthy workforce.

Success Stories from UPMC

Statements of Support Staff

Several UPMC employees have praised Shiftselect for its user-friendly features and beneficial effects on their jobs in order to express their satisfaction with it.

Measurable Effects

After deploying Shiftselect, UPMC has noticed real improvements in operational effectiveness, reduced employee turnover, and patient satisfaction.


Finally, Shiftselect has proven to be a game-changer for UPMC, greatly enhancing labor management and staff scheduling. Shiftselect’s user-friendly interface and real-time updates have improved patient care while also boosting staff morale by ensuring the proper team is available when it matters most. The effective integration of Shiftselect by UPMC demonstrates the significance of embracing cutting-edge technologies in the healthcare sector.


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